1. New Shit!

  2. Brand Spankin New Video + Summer Tour Dates

    Hi folks!

    We’ve got some great news. The album is FINALLY finished so we’re celebrating by sharing the first track from the album "HOOT". A lot of hard work went into this record and we’re happy to say it will be released soon (October 2014). We’ll keep you up to date on that, in the mean time, we know you can’t wait to hear the new material (we hope…. maybe? no> okay) so come on out to our remaining summer shows and watch the video below to get yer fix:

    Friday August 8th The Seahorse Tavern, Halifax NS w/ Secret Broadcast

    Saturday August 9th Plan B Lounge, Moncton NB w/ Secret Broadcast

    Saturday August 16th Fishbones, Charlottetown PEI w/ Bannokburn



  3. The Stogies New album 2014!

    Well it’s been a while since our last up date. We’ve been hibernating cooking up some new tunes for a our new album being recorded next month at CodaPop Studios in Halifax. For those of you who don’t know, we recently previewed some of the tunes at our latest Seahorse show and spent four days in pre-production with our bud and producer, Jon Landry of the Stanfields.

    He kicked our asses for forty hours, re working and and arranging the ideas we’d come up with over the winter. Stay tuned as we’ll be playing a few shows around the maritimes in late spring and summer so you can hear what’s been on the menu lately. We don’t yet have a release date for the album, but we’re expecting it to be available in September.

  4. Runnin’ on Fumes Tour Blog

    As most of you must know by now, we went on tour with a bunch of Newfies who go by the name of Long Distance Runners. We somehow tricked these guys into thinking a tour of Atlantic Canada was a good idea and like any young musicians, they agreed because they had nothing better to do. Turns out it wasn’t such a bad idea.

    Thursday June 6th

    Day 1 for me (Dave D) at least started out like any other “1st day of tour”; sweating profusely in my chair at work just waiting to get the fuck out of there.  Eventually 3:30pm came and I ducked out to pack my things, hop in the van and head to Moncton. Before we left, we stopped in to grab some beer at the NSLC. We managed to get the tour sponsored by Molson who kindly gave us enough free beer for two bands to last the tour. Although, they don’t show up in a golden truck and dump a pallet in your driveway, they give you chits that you can redeem at the LC. For some reason the guy ringing us through got in to a fluster because he had to do them one case at a time. He huffed and puffed and complained the whole time but eventually we were on our way. You can only imagine what Keddy had to say about his customer service! Anyway, we arrived in Moncton about 3 hours later and headed to meet LDR at Plan B.  We hung out for a bit then headed down to catch the opening act and Moncton local, Danger Cat, who were fucking awesome! It was Plan B’s fourth birthday, and the place was packed in no time. LDR then went on and played a great set which opened our eyes and ears and indicated this tour might just be as enjoyable as we daydreamed about. They were a man short this time around, with guitarist Dicky Strickland leaving the band shortly before tour but it didn’t seem to affect their sound (think Kinks, Stones, Beatles, Wilco, pre-Kid A-Radiohead) as Ryan Kennedy stepped up on both guitar and keys. We then took the stage and had a great set as well. The boys in Gloryhound  and Poor Young Things were playing down the street that night and all came up to party near the end of the night. It was probably it the best show we’ve had in Moncton in about a year so thanks for showing up if any of you readers happen to be Monctonian.

    Friday June 7th

    We woke up, loaded out and went to catch our first double band breakfast as Plan B had since gotten rid of their Cafe menu (ugh). After breakfast we drove to Fredericton to do an interview & performance with Bondo at CHSR. We each played some original tunes then played a Stones cover together and did what was probably CHSR’s first and likely last 9 person interview. As we left the station we noticed that our driver’s side door would no longer latch, forcing us to drive to Saint John with one person holding the door shut. Because we’re stoners, it took us about a day and a half to figure out a better solution to our little problem. We headed to meet Cody from Verse the Sun (SJ opener), who was offering up his place for the bands to stay (Nice guy!). We had a few hours to kill before load in/sound check so we exchanged stories and got to know the Runners a little better. Apparently Matt Hender (bassist) had played upright bass on Amelia Curran’s Juno winning album which is pretty cool! Ryan Kennedy also apparently has a deadly Beach Boys tribute band back in St. John’s NL called…….. The Beach By’s (Ha!).

    We headed to Pepper’s Pub, set up, and waited for people to slowly trickle in. Eventually there was a pretty good crowd in there peppered (bad pun intended) with members of the Halifamous, Mellotones, who were playing a corporate gig down the street. All three bands had great sets and we celebrated by hitting the most disgusting Subway in the world which happened to be the only place open at 3am. Cold Sweat Combo

    Saturday June 8th

    It pretty much poured for the next 18 hours. We woke up around noon to head to Charlottetown, but not before making a pit stop at Kent to get some rope and duct tape to tie the door shut, which had been swinging open every time we rounded a bend. We eventually got to the bridge and reluctantly crossed it while trying not to get blown off by the fierce winds (perhaps a slight exaggeration). We stopped in to Lidstone’s mom’s place for a delicious ham dinner as soon as we landed on the Island.

    We headed to Fishbones to load in then snuck off to meet our friend Leah Kays (Designed this website!) for drinks. We headed back to the bar after a few beers to catch the first band’s set. Banokkburn was the band’s name and their set was pretty good from what I heard. Ked and I skipped off 10 mins into LDR’s set to buy some smokes and by the time we returned there were a few less people in the bar which had been slowly filling up. We took the stage thinking it would be a slightly less than average night. We were delightedly wrong, as about 170 people piled in the venue within the first two songs! We had probably our best headlining show in Charlottetown yet! We partied a bit then went home to Halifax the next day.

    Monday June 10th

    Codapop Studios, B-Rad Media Services and Thunder Thief Productions were also proud sponsors of the tour so we went into Codapop on Quinpool Road to film and record a live video of one of our new songs. It was an eight hour process, setting up sound, lights, smoke breaks, 1 take, 2 take etc…. but much to our surprise we… coughs** (Erien, Brad, Mat and Ian) had the song recorded, mixed, filmed and edited in less than 24 hours! We ate some dirty pizza and drank some beers to celebrate. Here’s a link to the video:


    Tuesday June 11th

    Tuesday was LDR’s turn to make a video. Most of the Stogies have day jobs so we snuck in a day or two of work while we were in Halifax. I stopped by the studio after work to see how they were doing. They were just finishing up their new song “Dive” which wasn’t on their 2012 record, “Tracks”. Their video was also mixed and edited in about a day and came out looking great. Here’s a link to the video:

    Wednesday June 12th

    Sackville, New Brunswick. Lovely place, but we weren’t expecting much as it’s a pretty small town and we’d only played there once or twice before. We got in the van and drove the short two hours to arrive at our colossal complex of a venue….. the Legion. We knew it wasn’t going to be a big show but not all good shows are big. Being in a relatively unknown independent band isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be but there are a few mental tools musicians use to ease the burden that is reality. Some choose denial and blame their lack of success or at least commercial success on nearly everything in their environment other than themselves. Perhaps a better but probably equally unhealthy way though, is to forfeit ALL of your expectations before joining a band which tends to work really well because in this cognitive schema, anything other than van breakdowns, getting arrested at the U.S. border, fighting to the point of complete silence on 20 hour drives, getting gear stolen is all gravy. Thankfully those things only usually happen once per tour…. Anyway, we set up to play an easy Wednesday night and that’s what we got. We played for about 20 people who were all very nice and some were even generally interested in the music. The promoter Rob was in the first band the Kavorkas (kudos to the Seinfeld reference). The highlight of the night though is when Josh, the drummer in LDR won about $500 on the slot machines which was at least five times the revenue made on the entire show. Bastard. Anyway, we loaded out and set sail for Fredericton as we had a cool place to stay there. Obviously we stopped at McDick’s which added at least an hour to our trip. The thing about drive-thru McDonald’s is that when you pull up they’ll give you any amount of food you want as long as it’s one bill but most McDick’s only allow you to have 2 or maybe 3 separate orders. We’re always traveling with at least 5 or 6 people so you know what that means. Sometimes we’ll be sneaky and just back up and go through again but most drive-thru trips for us are at least three orbits around the greasy glowing fry depot at 3:00am.

    Thursday June 13th

    Fredericton….fucking Fredericton. We’ve been to Freddy many times and know a surprising amount of kind people there but for whatever reason that place is a bad omen for us. This was our second time playing Nicky Zee’s (or Lava Vodka Bar). The venue is a decent room with a way better sound system than it needs and a nice big stage. You’d think this would make it much more attractive than the Capital but for whatever reason people cringe when you mention Nicky Zee’s  or Lava. Anyway, there were a few people who showed up and everything sounded good. We’re nearing the end of the set at which point we had planned to have LDR come up and run a few tunes with us. We couldn’t find them anywhere in the venue. The bastards were obviously disrespectful douche bags out to buy smokes right? WRONG. They were actually outside RUNNING after the real douche bags that had just broken into our van out back. I couldn’t think of a more fitting band to be chasing after those hoodlums however they did get away. Luckily, we were supplying the backline so all of our gear was on stage at the time. Anyway, after all of that and some difficulty getting paid we chose to forget that night and headed back to Elizabeth’s for sleep.

    Friday June 14th

    After a rather disappointing time in Freddy we were excited to head to Halifax to play our favorite venue, the Seahorse Tavern. We left at about 11am but low and behold, like clockwork, as soon as we pass Oromocto (30 mins outside Freddy) our van bearing breaks. This time we had enough sense not to keep driving like we did on the last tour. We called a tow truck and a lovely French guy by the name of Jean was on his way to save us. This is the third time in less than a year that we’ve broken down in the exact same spot and the third time we’ve met Jean ( He must be getting sick of us by now). Anyway, he towed us to J&P Auto who obviously recognized us and was able to get the van fixed up in about two hours. We got back to Halifax and headed straight to the Seahorse to drop off our gear. It was a truly amazing show with a great turn out. About 300 people showed up and rocked the entire night. So thank for showing us and more importantly our new found (land) friends a great time.

    Saturday June 15th

    Off to Truro. Truro is a shit hole but we’ve had some interesting times there. We played the Loft this time, which was a nice step up from the Split Crow but it’s one of those venues that turns into the Dome after your show and while there were about 60 people in the room watching & enjoying us, there were 200 people in the next room waiting for Katie Perry covers. The people that were there did enjoy it though which was all we could ask for. It was a pretty good but sappy night as the Runners were headed back to NL the next day. One particularly interesting character was the photographer that showed up. Most photographers will show up and simply take pictures of you playing live. They might introduce themselves after then typically leave. This guy wanted us to do an entire photo shoot with both bands. We graciously accepted in the spirit of hangin’ with LDR one more time. First we did one outside which is pretty normal I guess. Then we did one in the bathroom? I’m sure you can imagine nine musicians and a photographer standing on the counter of the only bathroom in a multi level bar, holding up lines of steroid stuffed jocks trying to take a piss for the third time in ten minutes. I’m surprised we didn’t get beat up. Anyway, neither of the press shots turned out great (obviously) but the live photos were spot on. Lesson learned: Politely decline all public washroom photo shoots.

    Thursday July 11th

    So like clockwork, two days prior to the start of Runnin on Fumes Tour part 2, our van decided not to start (typical). We couldn’t get it fixed in time so we decided to do the northern Nova Scotia shows and cancel the west coast NL shows and fly in to St. John’s the following week. We loaded up the Highlander and headed for Split Crow Antigonish. We weren’t expecting that much of a crowd because it was Thursday but we were expecting to see Croucher (Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!) . See….. the last time we had gone to Antigonish Croucher had hitched a ride with us but never returned to Halifax and everyone was wondering where he was. He basically stayed there for 8 months and when we asked him why he never went back, he said “ You guys never came to pick me up!” True enough I guess haha.

    Friday July 12th

    We spent Thursday night at Andre’s (The Odd Bit) parents’ place and were scheduled to play the Carriage House in Port Hawkesbury. Juanita, Andre’s mom, made us a delicious breakfast then we headed to Andre’s Uncle’s for a dip in the pool and some sweet tunes. It was a beautiful day and upon our return, we had a BBQ with the Pettipas. We made a few friends in Port Hawkesbury the last time we played there and the Odd Bit has a pretty cool home town crowd so it made for a great show. Lidstone and Sean headed to a trailer park after party and Blake and I headed back home to the Pettipas for left over cheeseburgers.

    Saturday July 13th

    Again the Pettipas made us breakfast and we left shortly after to head to Sydney to tag up with Alert the Medic and Like a Motorcycle at Governor’s Pub. We were on  first a few show-goers trickled in as we played our set. We watched great sets by LAM and ATM and met a few girls who took us back over the bridge to what can only be described as the CatShitKingdom. To be fair, one of the girls warned us of the foul smell but we thought “Meh, can it really be that bad?” Uhh yeah it can. Not to mention these girls didn’t smoke weed like normal people. They did “Poppers” which is essentially just putting a tiny amount of weed and twice as much tobacco into the spout of a homemade bong. The idea is to draw hard enough to bring the whole load down into the bottle. (doesn’t really make much sense does it?) Anyway, after a few attempts Blake and I gave up, rolled a joint like normal stoners and headed back to Whitney Peer where we were staying. Overall, it was a pretty “routine” weekend of shows.

    Wednesday July 17th

    We packed our bags and headed to the airport, that’s right, the airport. Yes, yes we are a rock n’ roll band and love being on the road. But being airborne is obviously way cooler. It turned an 18 hour moose watching safari on the one road to St. John’s into a 1 hour  magic carpet ride with movies and food at least equivalent to what you’d find at an Irving gas station (Okay so it’s not THAT glamorous). Chris Picco from LDR picked us up from the airport and we headed downtown to George St. to see what all of the fuss was about. Basically for those of you that have never been it’s essentially a small section of street littered with live music bars and venues. All of them play a loud speaker of their musical offerings out into the street which made it quite overwhelming at first. We heard one guy covering a Tom Petty song in one bar and another guy covering the same song at the same time at another bar two doors over.

    Blake and I eventually went back to Chris’s place which was a sweet little house at the top of Hamilton avenue equipped with retro style fittings, a piano, a jam space, a 2 year old and Chris’s wife, Paula. They were great hosts and made us feel at home.

    Thursday July 18th

    I woke up bright and early as always and headed into town to get something to eat and wander around. A few people recommended the Ship Pub, so that’s where I went. I sat down at the bar which is also an awesome venue and was greeted by a nice bartender by the name of Sayde. I ordered a Black Horse because all of the beer in Newfoundland is different so I really didn’t know any better. I also ordered some Fish & Chips and chatted with the bartender for a while. Turns out she was also a musician and hosts an open mic at another bar up the road. Anyway, as I finished, I managed to let her know this was my first time in St. John’s and apparently over there that’s enough to have your meals and drinks bought for you! She pointed me towards Fred’s Records where I spent most of the afternoon. I heard this store was really awesome because Matt Hender (LDR Bassist) works there. Sure enough I was able to find a sweet vinyl copy of Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky” and another cool little album on their feature wall:

    We were set to play the Levee that night. We headed down to George St. to check it out and load our gear in. The Levee is the place to be on Thursday nights. 3 beer for $5! Needless to say I don’t remember much from that night other than the cool smoking patio that joined three different venues. The Levee is in a complex with two other bars; Distortions which hosts metal and other heavy music and CBTG’s which hosts mostly punk bands. It was really nice to see a complex style bar made up of live music venues rather than Dome 1, Dome 2 Dome 3 etc. I do remember he bar manager Gene was an awesome dude and so was the sound guy. They filmed and recorded this sloppy performance of a new tune:

    Friday July 18th

    After a pretty chill day we were set to play the Rock House with LDR and the Pathological Lovers. We loaded in around supper time and were stoked once we saw the venue. It was a real music venue. Not just some bar that stuffs a local band in the corner and tells them to turn down all night. The promoter/ manager, Tony, was really nice and very professional. Told us everything we could possibly need to know / expect from the crowd that night and gave us a comprehensive sound check before shipping us off to the green room. It’s no secret that the time you have to kill between sound check and actually performing is the absolute worst and most anxious part of most struggling musicians’ day. You start to wonder….Will anyone even show up? Looks pretty empty in here right now….. Of course it does dummy, the bar isn’t even open yet. Anyway, we took the stage around 11:00 and by this time people had started to show up. Trying not to sound too cocky here, but we pulled out a deadly set and the great light and smoke show and growing crowd made it feel all warm and fuzzy. That or the beer… We have a few friends living in Newfoundland who were competing to buy us drinks which is always a good thing. Personally, I only bought two beer the entire trip, but surprisingly enough I’m pretty sure none of us actually got “Screeched In”. LDR was up next and played an amazing set but by this time that didn’t surprise us because we’d all fallen in love with that band and their tunes by now. The Pathological Lovers closed the night. I had heard a lot of hype and the word legendary being thrown around a lot so I was quite interested in hearing/ seeing what they had to offer. Not too sure what the rest of the boys thought, but they blew my fucking mind. Great seasoned musicians, good songs and best of all great stage presence made for the best possible closing band that night. I think by the end of the night though we were all headed separate ways. I met up with a friend and somehow ended up at a party with NHL star Michael Ryder and the rest of the night was quite foggy.

    Saturday July 19th

    This was our last day in St. John’s and we had yet to check out even half of the cool sights this city had to offer. Chris and Josh from LDR took us up to CapeSpear and showed us around the most eastern point in North America. We listen to the Hip a lot when we tour because it’s the best driving music and Gord Downie likes to include various Canadian cities, remote locations land marks, etc. in his lyrics. Needless to say, I had Silver Jet playing over and over again in my head for hours. After a few doobies we headed back to Chris’s with a bunch of meat and had a big ol’ BBQ bro-down with the LDR boys. Definitely a relaxing Saturday before our flight home


    We’ve had some time off now and I can tell you we can’t wait to get back out on the road, but not without a new record of some sort. We’re working on that and hopefully will have some good news for you over the next few months. For now though while we’re spinning our wheels we’ve put together a super special show for you guys. A long time ago we decided it would be a great idea to do a full on tribute to the Rolling Stones. Low and behold 3 years later, here it is! We’re playing a tribute to the Rolling Stones vs. the Beatles rivalry along with our old Friends Floodland (the Beatles) and YoungRiver (opening tribute to CCR). It’d this Friday night November 22 at the Marquee Ballroom presented by Q104. For details, tickets etc. check out the links below!

    Facebook Event

    Advanced Tickets

  5. Gettin with the Interwebs + Halifax Show Announcment

    It has come to our attention that we have a few new fans in cool places like Mexico, Brazil, UK, Australia etc. Up until now No Couth, No Class, No Nothin’has only been available through Bandcamp (our preferred method on this website) & iTunes Canada & US. We’re pleased to announce that our music is available for purchase from iTunes Worldwide and Amazon.com. It will also be available next week for streaming on Rdio, Deezer, Spotify and Google Play. Everyone likes to consume music in their preferred way and we want to offer as many options and as much convenience as possible. 

    HALIFAX! We’re playing quite likely our only local show this summer  Friday June 14th at the Seahorse Tavern presented by Molson Canadian & Live 105. The show is part of our “Runnin’ on Fumes Tour” with the Long Distance Runners (NL) which has been wholeheartedly supported by the kind folks at Spincount, Codapop Studios, B-Rad Media Services, Thunder Thief Productions & Pavement Postering.

    Doors open at 10PM and all tickets are $10 at the door. What’s that you said?? You already spent too much money on booze this summer? Have no fear, Live 105 will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets on the afternoon drive starting Monday June 3rd. We will also be giving away a pair of tickets on Facebook during the week of June 9th to 14th. Join the event so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!


    Thanks for stopping by and see you at the show!

    -Dave D

  6. Paternity Leave + Runnin’ on Fumes Tour

    So as some of you may already know, Blake had a baby boy (Sam) a few weeks ago. Raising a kid is tough on its own but especially tough when you’re on the road all of the time. Blake has decided to take some time away to be with Sam. It may be a couple of months, maybe longer, who knows. We have a new single ready to go and new album being mixed and it’s KILLING us not to release it this summer, but it just makes more sense to wait until we’re all on the same page and ready to go.

    We know, we know let’s hear some new shit!!! We want nothing more than for you to have something new from us to sit back and smoke a J to, or bang your head to in your car but good food takes time to prepare and this roast tastes best in the slow cooker. Come to a show if you want to hear some of what will be on the record!

    You’ll see some of us dabbling in other projects such as Blake in The Darlingtens, Dave D in Rob Anderson & the Windthrowes, J Keddy in Roxy and the Underground Soul Sound, Sean in Endless Nameless (Nirvana Tribute) and Lidstone workin’ on a solo drum record….joking well, maybe not??!?! Have no fear though we’ll be back together and working on the set sooner than you know.

    ANYWAY, last summer we played the Q104 Keith’s Natal Day Fest at Alderney Landing w Wintersleep, Gloryhound, Rich Aucoin, Alert the Medic and one band that caught our eye in particular, the Long Distance Runners. They’re from St. John’s Newfoundland so we thought it would be a great idea to do a full Atlantic Canadian tour with them. We’ve never been to Newfoundland, but we’re sure as hell excited to be heading there this summer.

    Paying respect to shitty touring vans, even shittier band name puns and of course our leaky gas tank, we decided to call this little adventure the "Runnin’ on Fumes Tour". So without further ado:

    Presented by: Codapop Studios, SpinCount, Pavement Postering, B-Rad Media Services and Thunder Thief Productions

    Special treat for those of you who are actually still paying attention. We’ll be heading into Codapop Studios to record a live single & video that we’ll put up as a parting gift to tide you over.

    Details for the shows can be found here:



    Blake, Sean, Dave, Dave and Jason

  7. March Madness

    It’s been an insane month, so we might as well start at the beginning. On March 1st we kicked off 2013 with a tour fundraiser at Michael’s in Halifax. It was a great show with killer sets from the Odd Bit, Jessie Brown and Like a Motorcycle who we had not seen live yet, despite being new friends and competitors for Big Mike’s time in the studio. We’d like to thank all of our fans and their fans for lining our pockets with enough flow to get through our eleven shows surrounding our showcases at East Coast Music Week (ECMW) and Canadian Music Fest/Week (CMF). What the hell do they call it anyway? Is it CMW or CMF? Who knows, who cares, it was a blast none the less. Here are the shenanigans that made this one hell of an interesting month.



    Artists currently on rotation in our band van:

    The Scoop Outs - http://music.scoopouts.com/

    Babyshambles - http://www.babyshambles.net/

    Josh Ritter - http://www.joshritter.com/

    Tragically Hip - http://thehip.com/

    The Raconteurs - http://www.theraconteurs.com/


    March 7th – ECMW Showcase

    So the bulk of the ECMW showcases were held at the Casino this year. There are a few good rooms in that place, but man loading into that place takes some serious cheeseburger power. Unless someone else knows a better way, the only way is to walk in the front entrance, weave through the crowd of angry old gamblers, lights, bells and whistles while trying not to have a seizure. We played NSCC Stage at the Compass Room (Keddy is a former student) along with some other NSCC acts. It was a pretty fun night and a good excuse to check out the other showcases since we were down there.

    March 8th – JJ Bookings Showcase

    So our booking agent, JMAC, had this crazy idea about a week and a half out from ECMW to have a JJ Bookings roster showcase at Michael’s. His plan was to get a bunch of sponsors, a luxury party bus for industry and bands, have every band on his roster play the showcase and make it a free event for ECMA delegates. Man oh man….daunting task given the time frame and the hype surrounding the other showcases that were closer to the downtown core and promoted for months. He delivered none the less…… He managed to get something like twelve sponsors on board in just under a week, do all the promotion online, posters etc. and secure this backstage party bus/ mobile green room. The venue for one was PACKED, and so was the bus. Personally, I don’t remember much other than having one of the best times I’ve had in a year.  Secondly, I don’t remember paying for a drink the entire night… even the after party was sponsored by Molson. JMac is probably way too modest to admit this, but it was definitely one of, if not the best show all around that week and it was technically not even part of ECMW. We’re proud and glad to be working with such an awesome dude and group of bands.



    March 14th – Plan B Moncton, NB

    If you’ve ever toured the east coast, then you’ve probably run into the kind folk who make Plan B one of the best venues around the Maritimes. It’s admittedly small, but has a big heart. The show went well and both the Stogies and Jessie Brown were very well received. Plan B is very hospitable and put us up in the apartment upstairs and even went to the extent of making some breakfast burritos in advance, because we had to leave for Ottawa before the bar opened the next day. Thanks Tracy, Meadow, Cody and friends!

    March 15th – Mavericks Ottawa, ON

    We must have the worst luck with the Moncton-Ottawa jaunt because, like clock work our van broke down just outside of Moncton AGAIN. Didn’t this shit happen last tour? Anyway, after our now personal tow truck driver, Jean took the van to Oromocto and we hopped in a $70 cab, we all converged at NAPA who couldn’t look at the van for another two hours. This simply was not good enough and we took the van two doors down where they were able to fix it, giving us a new ignition coil and getting us back on the road within about an hour. Even though we were now about 3 hours behind schedule it was looking like we’d still make the show. No van breaks down twice in a 10 hour period right? WRONG! Just outside of Montreal and about two hours east of Ottawa, our van started making these pops and grinds. We pulled over to check it out, but of course we’re like children trying to fix the Tonka truck they just smashed when it comes to making a sound mechanical diagnosis of our vehicle. Even if we could figure out what was wrong, what the hell were we gonna do about it? So we did what any sensible, young & dumb Canadian would do. We decided there was nothing really wrong and barreled through to Ottawa just barely making our set at Mavericks. We came to a screeching halt (literally) just around the corner and loaded in as the first band was half way through its set. Once we got on stage though, we let it all out! We played with more drive (ha!) and conviction than we had in the last six months, trying desperately to forget, for at least the next 40 minutes, the conundrum we’d managed to find ourselves. Anyway, the show went great and we had a great crowd that was peppered with a few familiar faces. Alix Gray saved the day by offering us a place to stay, as we were previously scheduled to head to Kingston and stay with our friend Jesse Gilroy and his mom after the show. Jesse drove all the way from Kingston to see us, which was awesome of him. The next day we limped the van over to Crappy Tire to get her fixed up. We had broken a bearing, but not only had we broken a bearing, we also wore down and melted the spindle, for which they couldn’t find a suitable replacement and literally had to “make” us a new one. Sketchy eh? The mechanic was literally astonished we were even alive…… Apparently if a bearing breaks, you’re likely to have the wheel fall off, crash, roll and die if you’re on the highway. Thanking the rock n’ roll gods for throwing us a bone on that one…..

    March 16 – 17th The Atria Oshawa, ON

    We hopped in the “no guarantees” shit-storm of a van, and headed to Jesse’s place where we ate a delicious homemade meal prepared by his wonderful mother. We all passed out around 8PM and slept for 13 to 15 hours……yeah we’re party animals….. We then ate breakfast and headed to Oshawa for our St. Paddy’s day show. This one was a bit of an odd show. It was one of those shows where everyone sits at the bar and seemingly doesn’t pay attention to you, then when you go to tear your stuff down and pick your dignity up off the floor, everyone comes and tells you how great you were and that they were there the last time you played, want a CD and want to know when you’re coming back?? Really?? You liked it? Not the usual way of you know…..clapping or even acknowledging the band on stage, but we’ll take it!! It should also be known that we made the true mistake of eating at Pizza Pizza right before this show. Blake started to get sick before the set, but we thought he was just being his usual wimpy self.

    March 18th to 19th Coach and Horses Lindsay, ON

    We arrived late night in Brantford and went straight to sleep (again party animals). From the corner of my eye at about 6am I saw Sean get up and run to the bathroom in the most “I’m going to fucking hurl” way possible. I dream-laughed my ass off at him thinking, “what a chump”. This whole scenario repeated it self three or four times throughout the morning until we all finally woke up. We were greeted by good friends, Benny and Sam from the Ascot Royals, had some breakfast, did some laundry and then I passed out for four hours on the floor. I woke up and didn’t feel right, light headed, everything was hot and all menopause-like.I ran out on to the deck in a T-shirt and boxers trying to cool off in the snow. I was huddled for a minute then…… dun, dun, dun! That feeling came….. you know the one… where you realize you’re going to puke, there’s no looking back, it’s like the worst realization next to a family member dying, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it, you’re just going to throw up, that’s it. It’s going to be horrible, the worst ever, when in reality it’s not really that bad, you’re just for some reason embarrassed of the whole situation. What if they laugh at me??? Of course they’re going to laugh, that shit is fucking hilarious when it happens to….well anyone but you.

    Not too mention having to take a shit as well, and not being able to decide between the two. Which is the lesser evil? There’s only one bowl and there’s no smoking your way out of this one…. They need to invent “motorcycle toilettes” for these exact situations, where there is a bowl where you’d normally plant your ass, a bucket up by the handle bars for when you’re keeled over and a four stroke engine you can rev that will massage your belly through the “extraction???” Whatever….. at least I only puked once. Lidstone was next, then Keddy (as meticulous about germs as he is) got the worst of it and puked for pretty much the whole day/evening. Grossed out yet? You’re welcome .

    Side note: I guess Japan already thought of this one

    "Poo Bike kicking up a stink in Japan"



    We headed off to Lindsay to play the Coach and Horses. It was s small place, so we decided to play an acoustic set, which went over pretty well with the few that saw us. They did have a super awesome wing-beer special and honestly I think we were all happy just to be out. Our friends in the DGB let us stay at their wicked awesome home, before we headed to Toronto the next day.


    CMW: March 20th to 21st El Mocambo and the Underground Garage Toronto, ON

    We were as happy as a bunch of rug rats (Keddy = Chucky) to roll in to Toronto. We pulled up to the hotel which hosted the registration for the festival and went inside to grab our passes. On the way out, we were stopped by a guy with a camera wanting to do a cameo. We had just smoked a joint and reluctantly agreed. It was simple, all we had to say was “Hey we’re the Stogies and we’re showcasing at Canadian Music Fest /Week 2013”. HOWEVER, he wanted us to say it all at the same time….. Now you’d think that being in a band would give us an impeccable sense of fusion, timing and rhythm, but we tried like 5 times to say it all at the same time and just couldn’t. We finally escaped with a half assed take and headed to meet Scott Blackburn who was also in Toronto for the week. We walked to Kensington Market and did some shopping while scoping out some places to take a new press shot. We found the perfect place after a bit in the alley next to the leather store. We did a quick and easy shoot and came out with this gem:

     Photo Credit: Scott Blackburn


    We loaded our gear into the El Mocambo and watched a bit of the Stanfields’ sound check and some of us went to get food. Fast forward a few boring hours…. The band playing before us was a good band, can’t remember the name, but they were all good players. The only thing was all of their songs were quite slow. The crowd was getting bigger, but everyone was seated. We set up quickly and were ready to go, but before we started Blake took the mic and said “this is a fucking festival, you don’t sit down at a festival so come up and join us near the stage”. It should be noted that coaxing people to the front of the stage is a daunting task, you can only say it once without coming off as arrogant, but this time it worked and they all seemed generally happy and curious about what we were going to sound like. Thirty seconds into the first tune I think they all realized what they were in for, and they loved it. It’s normally quite hard to have a such a responsive crowd in Toronto, especially for a relatively unknown band. Anyway, we played a great set and definitely turned every head in that room. Scroll down to the reviews at the bottom to see what we mean.



    The Stanfields were up next, and like always, rocked the sox off a near sold out joint. Fuck I love that band, we love that band. After the set we headed to the Horseshoe and then to various places to lay our heads for the night. I woke up to a text from Blake saying “rise and shine…..the van got towed” seriously??? It was true, our van got towed along with our friend, Vanessa’s car. Blake and Vanessa had to cab it all the way to Scarborough to get the van out of the impound lot.

    We were all set to play the last slot at the Underground later that night. The bar was packed with drunks and fake smoke. Seriously it’s hard to breathe in there with all of that smoke billowing in (yeah….coming from a band called the Stogies), but it made for a good atmosphere and the show went well. I must say the last two trips to Toronto have been amazing show-wise, so thanks for coming out!

    March 22 The Foxx Lounge Barrie, ON

    We went to find some lunch and met with a couple of unnamed industry folks in Toronto, then headed up to Barrie. After hanging out for a while, we loaded into the venue and were greeted by Shane, the promoter/sound guy/all around awesome dude. We were set to play first around 10:30 and even by that time, we had a great crowd. The venue looked amazing, had a great stage, and an amazing sound system. Again, we put on a great set and got to talk to some of the locals after the show. We will definitely be back there next tour. After a couple of dirty-burgs we made the trek through the snow to Brantford to stay the night.

    March 23 Two Doors Down Brantford, ON

    Everyone thinks Brantford is a shit hole…and well it kind of is, but it just so happens that a small cluster of awesome friends and music lovers live in said shit hole. We hung out for the day and loaded into the bar. Upon loading into the bar we were greeted by “that drunk asshole at every bar”. She was hanging off of everyone, not making any sense and probably looking for a fight. In fact she was so drunk, that after load in, she wandered out by our van ripped her pants down and took a leak on the side walk. She left before the show even started. Anyway, like always, Brantford was a shit show. Amazing crowd for such a small bar and we hung out and got hammered with a bunch of new and old friends. James’ teeth were fixed this time (see Indie Week tour blog) and even Jimmy made an appearance, looking dapper as ever.

    The next day we said our goodbyes and headed home. It was a long drive, but we made it in one piece. I know this blog was more of a rant or bitch, but all mishaps aside, this tour was better than any other tour we’ve done. Canadian Music Fest/ Week was an absolute blast and we couldn’t have asked for better showcases. It’s nice to see the audience growing, every show was packed, or at least a lot of fun and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends, families and fans.

    CMW Reviews + Interviews:





    We’re working hard (at a medium pace) on this new record. Please be patient, it just might be worth the wait. We’ll keep you up to date on our next tour plans, which will be announced by the end of this month.

    Peace & Love,

    Dave D





  8. ECMA Showcases added!

    We’ve added a couple of showcases in Halifax next week:

    March 7 ECMA Showcase Casino Nova Scotia (NSCC Stage)

    March 8 JJ Bookings Roster Showcase Michael’s Bar & Grill

    If you can’t wait until next week (of course you can’t) The Scene Magazine has dubbed our CMW Send Off at Michael’s Bar & Grill March 1st as their “Pick of the Week”. See you there.

  10. CMW Tour in March 2013

    No amount of exclamation points could convey how excited we are to announce this tour……so fuck them. We’ll be heading to Ontario in March to showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. We’ll be hitting other places along the way and of course we’ll be having a send off show in Halifax. Feast your eyes on these dates:

    March 1 CMW Send Off Michael’s Bar & Grill
    March 14 Plan B, Moncton, NB
    March 15 Mavericks Ottawa, ON
    March 17 The Atria Oshawa, ON
    March 19 The Coach and Horse Lindsay, ON
    March 20 CMW Showcase El Mocambo Toronto, ON
    March 21 CMW Showcase Underground Garage Toronto, ON
    March 22 Foxx Lounge Barrie, ON
    March 23 Two Doors Down Brantford, ON

    Spread the word.

    Let’s all take a moment of silence and pray that our van is up for the journey. If you live in Halifax, come support us at Michael’s Bar & Grill on March 1st. It’s a fundraiser of sorts and we’ll be accompanied by Like a Motorcycle, Jessie Brown and the Odd Bit. We’ll have some merch for sale by donation, you could snag 1 or all of the last 50 copies of ‘No Couth’. 

    Thanks for reading, you’re alright.


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